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Excursion to Peterhof and visiting of the Grand Palace

The program of excursion

Favorite residence of Peter the Great, a real pearl of Russian Baroque Style and Empire Style, Russian Versailles - all this is wonderful Peterhof! Great palace and park ensemble, amazing fountains and golden sculptures, playing in the sun, create absolutely unique combination, which all guest of Saint-Petersburg should see for sure.

During this excursion you are welcomed to walk through the Lower Park, admire the famous fountains and visit splendid Grand Palace. It is the centrepiece of an enormous ensemble of palaces and gardens. Also known as the Peterhof Palace, it was designed by Peter the Great in 1714, but was completed by Italian architect Bartolomeo Rastrelli long after his death. The palace’s exterior is understated and elegant; beautiful but restrained. Inside, it is considerably more opulent. Thirty of the palace’s rooms are open to the public; highlights include the Throne Room, the Ballroom and the Western Chinese Study.


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